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I'm back....with a PARTY nonetheless!!!

Okay....I'm back and I hope to be a lot more
often! We just had my oldest daughters
11th birthday party (Oh my...I'm OLD!)
We did a Red&Aqua damask
Spa Party!
It was a lot of fun! I wish I had gotten more pics than I did,
but you know how it get caught up in all the
hype! Okay....enough are the pics!
Here's the spread...Love the colors! It was fun to work with them!

Here are the cupcakes! They were delish....the blue ones are red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the white ones are S'more....mmmmmm....I just used the red velvet cake (since it's really just a chocolate cake) and made YUMMY marshmallow frosting! Woooaaahhh Momma! Those were delish!

Some treats and the favors...they had nail polish, hairspray, a hair brush, a loofah, and a little tea light candle. To relive the spa experience! ;)

I had a few people come help with hair and nails....sooo fun!
I think they loved it....what do you think?!?!?

They had a lot of fun! Thank to all who helped out!
Love you all to the moon and back!
I will chalk this one up as a success!

Happy Making!

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