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Feelin' the love!

So just in my browsing for Valentine's day stuff I came across some really cute things that I wanted to share with you. Maybe you need some more fab decor for the
the holiday or looking for some cute gift ideas.
This first one is from DIY Party Designs. I've seen these done a few times...but I think they are so cute and simple and look like they would only take a few minutes to whip up.
Next up is a super cute and I think it could be a very personal gift too....if given to the right person.
How cute is that!?!?!? Make a special playlist for your smoopie! Love it!
(I wish my hubby liked music more...I'd totally do this!)
Got this idea from EventTagious
 And I saved the best for last! 
You might just freak the flip out when you see this! I had no idea
this was even possible!
 That is a PAPER FLOWER people!!!
Oh my...and the tutorial doesn't seem like it would be hard at all!!!
I kinda wanna make one of these and take it to my daughter at school...
I think I would be the coolest mom ever...right??? 
Isn't it gorgeous??? I can hardly stand it!
Okay...I guess I'll share where I found this one. You can thank me later! :)
They used these for the bride and bridesmaies that not just the cutest idea EVERRRR?? 
I thought so too! 
Anywho...There are a few ideas that I found that I liked...hope you do too!!
Thanks for looking!
Happy Making!

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