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I love love!

I love Valentines Day....I love having more than my anniversary to
celebrate my love for my hubby!
And I also love V-Day decor!
Anyone see this??
I guess that this post is kinda headed in that direction. :)
Because the project I'm going to show you,
I got from Pintrest! 
If you don't know what Pintrest is then you must be living under a rock!
Come on out....the Pintrest is fine! hee hee
I know I'm not the only one addicted to this site So I'm 
not going to feel guilty about blogging about it....
okay back to the project....This is what was pinned...that I loved...
...cute huh! You should totally visit Simple As That....she has super cute stuff over yonder! Anywho...I totally fell in love and had to make one for my house. 
So this is the one I did...
(note--my damask obsession shines through in almost everything I do. lol)
Isn't it cute??? I'm so happy with it I can hardly stand it. It may be making
an appearance at our ward Valentines party coming up soon....
maybe photo booth style! :) 
Anyway...I just had to share with you my quick, fun project for today!

*Project goal for this week is to paint  my sofa table. Hoping to share 
pics with you soon!
Happy Making!

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