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Never throw it away!!!

Little update on this little guy I did a couple weeks ago....
I haven't loved the knobs on this....and haven't really dared to spend flippin $4 a knob to get what I till then I came up with a little solution....But you can't see it yet...You'll have to stay tuned...I'll post it soon!
But today I finished another project...I'm on a roll! 
So here's a quick story. The hubbs and I got this table and chairs from the MIL for a wedding gift almost 8 years ago. It looked very similar to this...
Sorry...awful it googling. lol I'm bad at befores...remember! we moved into the house we are in a little over a year ago and this table looked like Barbie table in our large dining we bought a new, very beautiful one, one which my daughter felt the need to spill nail polish remover on and ruin the finish on one corner. That's another story though...Anyway...I couldn't see throwing out a perfectly good table and
I had always wanted a sofa table...
see where I'm going with this?
I had the hubbs cut it in half length wise, move the legs forward and VOILA!
This is the table cut in half and half primed....again...bad at before pics...I think I need a support group for it or she is in all her beauty! 
The color I went with is a cute turquoise (I also painted my pantry door this color)
Here's the lovely lady all painted up...
You like my little secrets? Don't know if they are really secrets...but I felt pretty smart!

So then after I let the paint dry for a day I had to add a little something more...
Hard to tell in this picture...but I did glaze it a little bit. 
You can kinda see it more in this one. I'm so happy with it. 
So there you have it! Thanks for looking!
Oh....also, I now have a facebook page. Go and like will make me feel good! ;)
Happy Making!

Steph  – (February 2, 2012 at 9:48 AM)  

You are one crafty woman & I LOVE IT! You do great work.

Erin  – (February 10, 2012 at 8:41 AM)  

WOWzers :) You are one talented lady!! Love both pieces!!!

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