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New Year...New Me!

So with the new year I am hoping to get my butt in gear and post more....and create more. I'm hoping to share some fab parties and some projects that I hope I can conquer. Also hoping to get some more readers, so tell your friends about me. I'd love the visits! To start out the new year I have a couple things I've painted that I wanted to share.....
This first one is just a small little project....
 (I'm apologizing for the picture quality....took these with my phone) So I got the M at joanns. I used a 50% off coupon so I think it was like $5 or $6. Cheap! It is one of those cardboard letters. I painted it with an "oops" color from Lowes that I got for $1. I added a little glaze love to it and I like it. This picture makes it look lighter than it's more of a burnt orange in person. So there you have it...the M!
Next is my favorite I've done since the record player  I did a while back. I have had this for a while and just didn't know quite what I wanted to do with it, didn't know what color....didn't know what its purpose would be...just kinda lost....then I saw THIS...
 From one of my favorite furniture blogs Oops! Redone (She's amazing BTW!) and thought that I could sure use some storage in my craft room...cause it's a DISASTER! So that was it's purpose....then I was stumped on color....
here is the before...
(once again...forgive the quality...)
A mid-before...cause I am so bad at getting a REAL before. I need to work on that.
And here's the after...
 I LOVE the color I chose! I believe the color is mossy green from Olympic (Lowes). And then lightly glazed it with a dark stain. I tend to stay on the safe side when it comes to paint colors...but I just threw caution to the wind with this one and I'm so glad I did! 
The last thing I need to finish it up is to get some BOMB DIGGITY knobs! These are okay and will do....but I need a little BOOM with this! hee hee. 
Anyway....thanks for looking I hope you will see me and I will see you (kinda....that sounds creepy) here more often! 
Happy Making! xoxo

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